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Hash Code 2016 by Google - sign up today!

Prof. Nebel will be hosting a hub at Kaiserslautern University for the Online Qualification Round of Hash Code, a team-based programming competition created by our member Google for university students and industry professionals. The Online Qualification Round takes place on 11th Feb at 18:30 CET and registered teams from Kaiserslautern are invited to participate from our hub, which will take place at room 48-654. Top scoring teams from the Online Qualification Round will then be invited to Google’s Paris office to compete in the Final Round of the competition in March.

If you’re interested in joining our hub, find a team (two to four people) and register at Make sure to select Kaiserslautern from the list of hubs when register.

By the way, Google will send us goodies to distribute, so maybe that’s another reason you’ll consider participating :)